Friesen Point

Every Monday

Hosts Dan Friesen and Kevin Hogan share their preoccupations and pertrubations as they speak to notable comics about their craft, spirituality, modern life, and boobs and wangs. Shit just got real.


Revolutions Per Minute

Every Tuesday

Revolutions Per Minute is a music podcast hosted by stand up comics Joe McAdam and Nicholas Rouley.  Through various topics, the two approach music with deliberation and transfer their personal feelings into a humorous series of antidotes. Also, they often tend to consume alcohol and steer the conversation inward, generally about their pee pees. Crack a cheap beer and kick back because you're never drinking alone when you're listening to RPM.


Let's Make Amends

Every Tuesday

Every week, Kristin Clifford and Lindsay Adams invite a special guest in to share a story about a time when they did something that the came to regret, and wish they could apologize for.  If an apology is possible, it is made, and when it's not, Kristin and Lindsay assign a task for the guest to complete to achieve penance. 

The Matt Riggs Show

Every Wednesday

Inspired by his days in college radio and his love for his own voice, the over exposed Matt Riggs fishes around in his brain to find the hilarious parts of his life, be it years ago or something that has never happened.


Is This Really It?

Every Thursday

Every week, Kenny DeForest invites friends from all walks of life to have a conversation about what gives the young adult generation contentment, fulfillment, and spirituality in an attempt to redefine the American Dream. 


Bad News Good Timing

Every Friday

Chicago comedians Joe Fernandez and Matt Riggs, along with a guest, review the headlines of the week and make fun of them.  No punches are pulled, no pulls are punched.  It's the phrase "Too Soon" personified.