Jimmy And David Have Tea With Dinah

Iggy Pop is one of the most badass people in rock music. Period. Anyone who can be that confident never wearing a shirt and has nobody telling him “hey, put a shirt on buddy!” is rock and roll incarnate. And unlike a lot of other aging rockers, Iggy is still fucking incredible live at the age of like, fucking 60!

David Bowie is you know, a legend too, just a lot more classy. Less amphetamine, more English Breakfast tea.

The two of them on the Dinah Shore Show from back when a person named Dinah could have a TV show. It looks like Iggy is just finishing a song before he gets interviewed and man, it takes the softest weirdest tone to follow up and Iggy performance.

Dinah calls him Jimmy (his real name is James) as if Iggy was weirder than having to call someone Dinah.

Iggy goes right along with the soft tones and talks about self-violence. This is pretty great. David Bowie “doesn’t like the violence.” of Stooges shows.

What a wuss!!