Music Video 101

I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite themes that make a great music video. At least for me. These don’t necessarily mean these songs are the best, but the videos are what make them memorable.

1. Skateboarding, Cholos, and Parents Hassling You

Rock and roll is at its core, rebellious music. And there’s no more natural authority figure to fight back against then one’s parental units. Especially if you live in LA in the 80s and are a cholo. Your parents totally don’t get you. Plus a lot of talking directly at the camera here which I always love.

2. Old School Parody

Absolute classic, here. The song is good, but goddamn if this video is not one of the most fun to watch. A spot on parody of 70s cop shows that is funny without any lick of dialogue? Spike Jones and the Beasties made something memorable here.

3. Skateboarders Eating Shit

Who doesn’t love watching extreme sports athletes wrecking themselves? It’s the best to watch. Unsane killed it with an OK song and an awesome video. Fun violence right here if you ask me.

4. Clay-mation Children’s Stories for Adults

Nobody does claymation videos anymore. Which is sad. Because they can make a shitty song a great song. Illustrated here.

5. One Long Take

“Just drive slow in front of me and I’ll rap the whole song.” I always dig one take videos. This is the most recent one I remember digging.

I think I’ll put some more thought into this and drop five more for ya later this week!

Posted on September 9, 2013 .