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PIRACY One Time For Ya Mind

Chuck D once said that hip-hop is CNN for the hood. I don’t think a rap song more embodies this idea than this dope track Don’t Copy That Floppy. This video starts out with some wild ass hood kids doin shit they shouldn’t be: pirating flight simulator games off their school’s Apple IIE computer. That’s when MC Disk Protector steps in to talk to these kids in a language they can understand. Fresh rhymes, a dope beat, and THE MESSAGE.

MC DP name drops some heavy hitters in the game world. Carmen San Diego. Oregon Trail. Tetris. This dude fucks with the best of ‘em.

And the collabs! Shit son! This guy lets some of the heavy hitters in the hip-hop game spit a hot 16 about the piracy scene.

CRAIG DYKSTRA. With his flowing mullet and slick moustache, this cat is representing the Neverwinter Nights Clique on this track.

DAVE BUTLER. This mufuckin programming director drops some serious lyrical science from behind his seriously dope spectacles.

JANET HUNTER. The first lady of the gangsta programmers spits about how high you can get when you’re programming code. Some next level shit.

This track is perfect for bumping in your ride and letting all the dudes on your block know that bootleggin shit AIN’T LEGIT.

Posted on July 29, 2013 .

Ted Nugent Has Said Some Racist Stuff (Of Course)

If you’re a beloved reader of this little blog of mine, you know that Ted Nugent is a fucking ass-hat. A super right-wing, cross-bow and gun loving piece of American garbage. He most recently got in trouble for carrying two (fake?) guns on stage and in the middle of his show saying “Hey Obama! Suck on these!” Which, you know, threatening the president is not the best thing to do as a public figure. But this clip here, (brought to me by the delightful Joe McAdam) shows Nugent as we expected him to have been, freely using the N-word with reckless abandon.

This is an interview with another white guy but for Grand Royal Magazine, which was bankrolled by the Beastie Boys. So the interviewer definitely has to ask Ted Nugent what the hell he means by the phrase “good WHITE hard-working Americans” who his music is for. He then goes on to yell about rap music being not for “real niggas” despite many a rap album claiming just that. In fact, he kind of sounds like an old black man how much he says the new music is all bleeps and bloops and his liberal use of the n-word.

If anyone wasn’t sure, this is absolutely how dumb white people talk when only other white people are around. It’s the worst.

He also makes quite a bold declaration at the end, “I don’t watch anything! I DO SHIT!” I for sure know he’s never watched anything about the experience of black Americans or maybe he wouldn’t be such a doofus.


Posted on July 23, 2013 .