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Liturgy Makes Black Metal Feel Like School

There are a lot of reasons people get into rock n roll: it’s young, it’s sexy, and it hates authority.  You know what is one of the greatest rock songs of all time? because FUCK SCHOOL! LET’S ROCK!

Leave it to a goofball named Hunter from Brooklyn to make one of the most extreme genres of music feel like an NYU lecture.

Black metal is an extreme form of metal that originated in Scandinavia in the 1980’s. (also a topic I will be writing a lot about because music docs on the genre are fucking awesome.)  It was lo-fi, extremely noisy, and obsessed with evil. Members of the movement burned down churches and murdered people. That’s pretty rock n roll if you ask me. Like any genre of music, at some point it will get totally distorted by some super-confident asshole thinking he knows how to make it better. Enter Liturgy.

If you’re like me, the first thing you thought as the video started was “why the fuck is that guy playing a guitar without a headstock?” Well after watching the rest of the video, I say let’s ease up on that guy, cuz who knows how we would respond if we were in a band with Hunter Hunt-Hendrix.  Anytime a band leader starts a sentence with “so I write a manifesto...” you know he’s about to say some dumb shit. And Hunter delivers. He goes into the need for positivity and romanticism in black metal music and uses phrases like “sub-stratum of chaos” & “invocation of transcendence and affirmation and ecstasy.” The only time you should be using language like that if you’re in a black metal band is when you’re trying to get off on charges of burning down churches and you want the jury to think you’re all smart and shit. Until you catch an arson rap, though, shut up and be evil!

The best thing about this video is how uncomfortable his bandmates are while he talks. You can tell they are all realizing “oh fuck, all that stupid shit we would ignore during band practice is now recorded for everyone to see. I’m in a band with this fuckwad. I only did this to seem like I was doing something with my life and travel around and be in a band. I wanted to go to Europe and Europeans love this dumb, evil shit.”

Posted on March 19, 2013 .