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Circle Jerks (Featuring Debbie Gibson???)

For some reason I have always remembered this clip. I saw it before I knew anything about anything and it always stuck with me. It was 1995 so I was 11 and didn’t have any cool older siblings telling me about punk rock so I had to hear about a punk band from Kurt Loder. That punk band was the Circle Jerks. I didn’t know who they were or what a circle jerk was (not sure if I knew about solo jerks either) but I knew the hook of their version of “I Wanna Destroy You” was really catchy and they looked like weirdos.

I also didn’t know who Debbie Gibson was. Turns out she was a less-than Tiffany pop-singer who was doing her things around the time I was like 6. And judging by the interview clip she’s on a totally different vibe than the dudes in the Circle Jerks.  But by some weird happenstance Debbie Gibson did background vocals on The Circle Jerks record that came out in 1995. Not the most important era of Keith Morris’s band, but not the most important era of Debbie Gibson either. The thing I took most from this video is that The Soft Boys wrote a real cool song.


Posted on July 22, 2013 .

Sometimes Punk Rock Is Super Gross, You Guys

In my years as a self-professed “punk”, one thing has been a constant. Anytime I meet somebody and one of the first things they say is “Aww man, I fuckin’ love GG Allin” without fail I will end up hating that person. GG Allin is a “rock n roll outlaw” who thought it was rebellious to be as disgusting as humanly possible. He took much more joy in shocking people than writing good songs, as his catalogue includes songs such as:

  • Last in Line for the Gangbang

  • Sleeping in my Piss

  • Suck My Ass It Smells

  • Expose Yourself to Children

  • I Wanna Rape You

It’s understandable why someone could get on board with a guy who genuinely seemed to think incest, rape, and murder were good things to get into. Every person I’ve met into GG will also at some point talk about how much they want to go to GG Allin’s grave in New Hampshire and pee on it. Apparently it’s a pilgrimage every fan of this scumbag has to make to show their respects. You know, with their pee.

GG was, you know, into bodily fluids. A lot. He was notorious for throwing feces at people in the crowd at his shows. And his fans dig it. It’s pretty disgusting actually. Which is why he’s a perfect guest for Jerry Springer’s TV show. Who wouldn’t want a guest on your scandal TV show that said things like this:

“If you get raped at my show you’re probably better off for it.”    

“Christians are worshipping a false idol because I am the true God.”

“I’m the king of the underground, they need to nail me to a cross.”

[in regards to his own daughter] “If she gets raped I hope she’s strong about it.”

“Heavy metal is lame.”

“When I go home I cut myself! It’s an uplifting experience!”

It seems like GG really walked the disgusting talk, but he promised to kill himself on stage numerous times and never pulled the trigger. He died overdosing on heroin. Total poser move. Honestly, I have no idea how this dude got so popular. It’s pretty silly but his fans take it pretty seriously. Like juggalos or some shit.

There’s way too many videos to watch of this guy on youtube. And goddamn it, it’s pretty funny how much of a lunatic he is.

Posted on July 19, 2013 .